National Accounts Program

Be the TBBtires Dealership in Your Neck of the Woods

TBBtires offers the Understand to Help Program UHP for tire dealers with a fixed or multiple locations nationwide. This program is dedicated to TBBtires dealerships and provides competitive volume pricing, one contract, an itemized invoice for all locations and consistent quality assurance from one brand and one vendor.

Coming to a Dealership Near You

Why Go TBBtires?



Our National Accounts Program offers you the following benefits:

Centralized customer support: A dedicated National Account Manager will be assigned to address your individual needs, concerns or special requests. We are the factory and we can solve things quickly from the source.

Value pricing: On-site survey at locations will be conducted, analyzing the dealership in detail resulting in a competitive and comprehensive program for your tire supply needs.

Itemized invoice for all locations: We provide you with one single bill for all of your locations, convenient and manageable. Electronic file invoice capabilities are also available.



The TBBtires Understand to Help Program has established an industry-wide reputation for its impressive service record and excellent product quality. At TBBtires, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our line of tires are being widely used on various types of equipment including:

Line-haul Trucks

Dump Trucks

Liquid Tankers

Car Haulers

Trash Trucks

Coach Buses


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the value of the TBBtires National Accounts Program?

  • TBBtires provide to its authorized dealers with national coverage to help you maintain consistent brand standards with a tire brand that you can promote to your users with confidence and with ease, like we always say “the tires will sell themselves”.
  • Each and every one of your TBBtires was designed here in California, and designed with the extensive knowledge of the actual equipment that will be using the tires eventually. The tires are made for one to drive through Arizona’s heat, Texas’ wet, and Indiana’s cold each and every time.
  • Your account will benefit from one point of contact to support and respond to the needs of your corporation and your individual locations.

2. What are the features of the TBBtires National Accounts Program?

  • Standardized quality and service specifications
  • One contact, single bill, electronic communications and reporting
  • Innovative tire qualities, balanced, longer mileage, and a tire casing that lasts.
  • Value-oriented pricing structure

3. Who qualifies as a National Account?

Truck tire dealerships across the United States and have a desire to better align your operational, financial, and contractual process as it relates to your commercial truck tire spend then you are a strong candidate for our program. Most National Account customers have a headquarters or corporate office where decisions are made about the tire vendors on behalf of the other locations. The goal for the program is to help your company leverage their scale and create specific standards and process to provide a sustainable profit margin for the dealership.

For more information on how your company can benefit from the TBBtires National Account Program, please call toll-free 1-888-TBB-1911 or email us today.